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TJ Morris Radio, Theresa J Morris, Host

ACO Club American Communications Online Spiritual Arts & Science Cosmology Community

American Communications Online

ACO Club
Follow Your Dreams  Project by American Communications Online

TJ Morris Media Publishing

Theresa J Morris, CEO

ACO Cosmos Expo
Authors Club

Janet Lessin
ACO Club Member
Ascension Center.Net – Owner

Theresa J Morris
Dr. Lessin, Janet Lessin

ACO Association Board of Directors

World, Planet, Space Colony, Etc:

______________________________ACO Association___________________________
Our objective is to help humanoid sentient intelligent beings to escape the bonds of poverty and hopelessness by providing education, life skills, values and a caring environment that will empower them to successfully move into the mainstream of society.
The ACO Association is an unincorporated cooperative association of webmasters and communicators online. ACO Club is a virtual professional association with actual presence in the world of communication scholars and practitioners. We are presently sharing convention consulting and management as ACO Network Media Partners.
ACO Association is committed to enabling the effective use of new and evolving technologies to facilitate communication instruction, research and criticism, and to offering a technologically supportive venue for all who study the ways in which humans communicate. While the Association is based in the United States, it is a virtual organization that welcomes participation from academics, professionals journalists writers, graphic illustrators, news agents, authors, copywriters editors, publishers aIl throughout the world.
Our peer reviewed journal: http://ACO

We share in speechcraft in our radio shows and video productions.

For those who want to study up we share tine public speaking project group textbook.
Our online speech textbook:

Theresa J Thurmond Morris – ACO Club
Follow Your Dreams Program – American Communications Online
Event Producer – ACO Network Media Partners – Make checks payable to: American Communications Online., Gulf Breeze, FL USA 32563

Bank: Navy Federal Credit Union

Cosmos Ambassador – Theresa J Morris, Psychic Medium
Spiritual telephones. ET Spirit Guides.
Avatar Masters are a part of the Ascension Center Oracles. ACO
ACO Association, UFO Association,
Ascension Age Cosmos Divine Plan
Synergy in words in cyberspace.

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