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ACO shares the Esoteric and Exoteric Higher Expectations of this world and others. It comes to us as our suspicions and premonitions and we propel and learn of a compelling activated curiosity.

You have the ability of Foreknowledge .ACO inspires others to be themselves while we enjoy our own lives that make us different from everyone else. However, we know that certain people can influence others in this world. We co-create our own world and have businesses on the internet.

We inspire everyone to use the Internet and we share Ascension Psychic Mediumship with ACO as American Communications Online and ACO Club.

We know that Albert Einstein was about imagination and he shared this was the best part of us.

Knowing or sensing the something is going to happen before it actually does this ability often occurs in dreams but will eventually grow into everyday life if you develop it .

Astral projection



TJ Morris ET Spirit Guide, TJ Morris ET Radio

Theresa J Morris
Ascension Psychic Medium
ACO Club – American Communications Online

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