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Call in PHONE is 347-945-7207.  We have a LIVE AIR TIME in CYBERSPACE at 7E/6C/5mtn/4PAC/2 Hawaii.
We broadcast on Blog Talk Radio which is in NEW YORK However, I run the board from my own computer and I live in Gulf Breeze, Florida. USA 32563My Company is called American Communications Online and ACO CLUB. We also have http://acoassociation.comand

About Theresa J Morris

Theresa J Morris aka TJ MORRIS Intuitive Life Counselor – Avatar Ascension Master of ACO Ascension Center Organization- Advisors, Consultants, Organizers, Spiritual Advisors – Universal Life Ministries of Emotional-Mental-Physical-Spiritual -ACE Body-Mind-Spirit –  TJ Morris ET Radio TJ Morris aka Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris DOB:12-26-51, Monroe, LA 12 Noon, Former Investigator, Private, GS, Legal, Investigative Reporter, Author, Entrepreneur, Hostess-Speaker, Toastmaster, Member BMI, Former IBMA, USTA, CMA, Former Military DOD, USN – Former OTR Truck Driver USA, Webmaster – Radio & TV, shares her energy and sometimes funding and creations with those who are in alignment with her own endorsements and beliefs as a patron and leader in the discoveries of the future minds of the world. TJ has been associated with many famous people in her time on earth and began on television at age of 3 years thenwhile in grade school was on TV weekly. She is an extrovert to some and believed to be an introvert to others. TJ enjoys cosmology, alienology, phenomenlogy, ufology, obe-nde-psychic science and neuro science and shares brain training and spiritual training as part of being a well-balanced humanoid in body-mind-spirit in the birth-life-death experience which is her faith. Shamanic Healing Arts. TJ believes in creative design and reincarnation for the soul. TJ is a natural born leader which is so noted in astrology as she is a Capricorn with Aquarius rising in her Astrological Chart. Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris, Precognitionist, Psychic Medium, shares her life in her books as an Author, and her professional skills on her Radio Show called TJ Morris ET Radio. See http: // Her groups include, and Business licenses include tjmorrisministries and aco american communications online. She is a webmaster and owns many domain names and hosts 22 websites.My name is Theresa Janette Thurmond. I was born in Monroe, Louisiana on 12/26/51. I am a psychic medium or I prefer an intuitive counselor if a title is given. I am also a radio station owner and radio host and author.
I will be your host and Janet Kira Lessin and I have been doing radio shows together since we began in June 2012. She is my best friend and lives in Maui, Hawaii. She began Aquaria Radio.
Theresa J Morris, ACO SPJ – – Featured interviews with the humans https://www.americancommunicationsonline.comSenior Professional Journalist – TJ Morris – ACO Press-noun. The definition of a corps is a group of people working together or under the same organization to achieve a common goal or goals. Examples of a corps are the diplomatic corps or the press corp in Washington D.C.Member https://www.spj.orgAmerican Communications Online Publicists – ACO Club Associates – ACO Theresa J Morris Network 850-736-5138 and are 2019 – projects for our ACO Members to organize Connect to Spirit.http://advancedcommunications.agencyACO Association Advisory Council Intergovernment Relations Community Relations  Social Media ProfessionalsAllied Command Organization – ACO Club – ACO Association – UFO Association- TJ Morris ET Radio,Skype Me at TJMorrisET,TJ MORRIS RADIO NETWORK, http://tjmorrisradio.comCompany: American Communications Online,,Target: sic:7383.Geographic Area(s): United States
TJ Morris Media Publishing Agency, TJ Morris Radio Gulf Breeze, FL 32563 +1-850-736-5138, =1-850-376-1100,850-376-1107,+1-850-203-1896,+1-270-256-6340/,Books, Events, Radio Shows, Social Media, Videos, Websites, Content Providers, Webinar Videos,,Copy and Contract Regulations • The advertiser agrees to indemnify the publisher against any and all claims or suits arising out of the publication of this advertising. • All copy is the responsibility of the advertiser. • Advertising placement is subject to the editor’s discretion. • Ads are non-commissionable to agencies and payment is the ultimate responsibility of the advertiser. • ACO, ACIR, assumes no liability, including but not limited to, indirect, special, or consequential damages, or for any errors or omissions in connection with any ad. ACO, ACIR, TJ Morris, reserves the right to reject any ad. • Push notification message content subject to senior editor, Theresa J Morris. ACO Club is  for invisible college  accelerated learning, healing arts practitioners, psychics, precogs, intuitive counselors, seminar and workshop hosts, podcasters, radio hosts, audio and video co-creators, publicists.hobby artists, authors, speakers supporters, non-profit volunteers, students and retirees who want to be in service to others, truthseekers, ascension age practitioners, alienologists,cosmologists, phenomenologists, ufologists, spiritual science writers. 

CONFIDENTIAL and PRIVILEGED.  It is intended for the individual or entity named above.  If you are not the intended recipient, please be notified that any use, review, distribution or copying of this email is strictly prohibited.  If you have received this email by error, please delete it and notify the sender immediately.  Emails sent or received shall neither constitute acceptance of conducting transactions via electronic means nor create a binding contract unless a written contract is signed by the parties.  We value your privacy.TJ Morris dba ACIR, ACO in the United States of America as American Communications Online. D&B#124124038 TJ Morris Media Publishing Agency aka ACIR Since 1978 USA. Theresa J Thurmond -Assured Confidential Investigative Reports . 

American Communications Online ®ACO  is a registered trademark of Theresa J Morris in the United States and/or other countries – TJ Morris Radio a division Site Developed and Managed by  American Communications Online as  the company.

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