Theresa J Morris Ascension Psychic Ascension Age

ACO Program and Project Guidebook Our Basic Tenant for Allied Command   We are sharing various levels of life on this one planet. We call this time in space the Ascension Age. We are welcoming those who want to support and volunteer their own services to humanity. Where each person may fit into our dimensions … Read moreTheresa J Morris Ascension Psychic Ascension Age

Theresa J Morris, Ascension Age Awakening Classes

  ACO American Communications Online, Theresa J Morris Ministries Org. Authors School Of Counseling For ACO Club – 1 The Ascension Center Organization And 2- ACE Metaphysical Institute Share Their Lives And How They Obtained Knowledge For Making Their Lives Better. We Share The Self-Help Spiritual Science Metaphysics. We Share Chakras, Empowerment, Anxiety And ADHD … Read moreTheresa J Morris, Ascension Age Awakening Classes

ACO Club Ascension Psychics

American Communications Online TJ Morris Media Publishing Theresa J Morris, CEO ACO-ACIR-ACE Founder-Pres/CEO – Owner ACO Association Board of Directors World, Planet, Space Colony, Etc: ______________________________ACO Association___________________________ MISSION STATEMENT:‘ Our objective is to help humanoid sentient intelligent beings to escape the bonds of poverty and hopelessness by providing education, life skills, values and a … Read moreACO Club Ascension Psychics