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TJ Morris ET Spirit Guide, TJ Morris ET Radio

Theresa J Morris
Ascension Psychic Medium
ACO Club – American Communications Online

ACO Association formed after our first Ascension Center center and spiritual world network with Psychic Network and Theresa Janette Thurmond. ACO spiritual trade community is the oldest in the world as far as networking prior to the internet goes in 3D time.

Ascension Psychic – Ascension Age – Cosmos Expo

Trusted psychics and psychic mediums doing tarot, palmistry, astrology, aura and angel readings,light circle light meditations, intention motivation focus lectures and more.
Since 1989 our Psychic Expos have become a great attraction for those interested in psychic phenomena and the paranormal. At the psychic fair you can get private, recorded readings with credible, experienced, international psychics. Attend psychic demonstrations and enjoy a unique selection of new age books, crystals, jewelry, aroma therapy oils, practitioner tools of all kinds.

We share in the health and wellness magazines and body-mind-spirit integrative medicine advocates as practioners and ministers..

ACO Association
American Communications

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